Dooli Products, LLC

Dooli Products, LLC is a family company focused on utilizing patents for improved waste management devices. Founded in 2015, Dooli Products, Inc. is headed by David Stravitz, a consumer and industrial product designer and inventor, along with his daughter, Alison Diamond. With a background in waste disposal product development, Stravitz saw the need for a more effective and environmentally friendly refill bag system that caters to parents and pets owners. We believe dooli™ is the best bag refill option available for your wallet, and the world.


PurePail, a line of innovative diaper pails, launched under the Dooli brand in 2020. David Stravitz has been awarded over 40+ US Mechanical Patents for waste disposal devices. The technology in the PurePail™ and PurePail™ Go diaper pail systems was proven #1 in Odor Control without the use of added fragrance in an independent study. It is truly revolutionary in that the entire odor blocking system is contained all in our diaper pail lid, allowing more of the diaper pail to be used for diapers.