Chrysler Building Construction-1927-1936

Stravitz’s discovery of 500 8″x10″ day by day negatives of NYC, including 150 depicting the world’s tallest man made structure through 1930. These images are truly spectacular and are available in limited and open editions.

Two workers on the 61st floor of the Chrysler Building- Completed Empire State shown.1931
$ workers on the 2 eagles 61 stories above Lexington Avenue – 1931
Aerial View (blimp) of the completed Chrysler Bldg-1931
Dynomite excavation for the Chrysler Building-1928
View from the Chrysler Observatory (under construction).Empire State half completed-1929
Night View from the Chrysler Observatory (still under construction) facing West to NJ-1929
1928-Taken from the 2nd floor of the Chrysler Bldg of 42nd street
Scaffolding coming down from the completed Chrysler Building – 1930
NY Skyline -Chrysler, Chanin & Empire nearing construction-1930
Chrysler 71st floor Observatory. Tool chest of Chrysler tools. 1931
View of the custom built spire to the peak-1046 feet-4-3/4 inches above Lexington Ave. 1930
The 27 ton 181 foot surprise spire that gave the Chrysler the Tallest in the world-1929
Fifth Avenue-2 way st. Waldorf Astoria-the future site of the Empire State Bldg-1926
Central Park vies- The Sherry Netherland, The Savoy Plaza, and the Plaza. 1928
Overpass over the Grand Central Parkway and the 1939 World’s Fair-1939
The Dodger’s Ebbets Field scoreboard in 1940

Acrylic Landscapes

Figurative Acrylic Paintings

Mixed Media and Acrylics

Starting with earlier photos I’ve taken and printed (color and black and white) on archival chromogenic papers, I spot selected areas in which I would embellish them with acrylic paints. The results were a pleasing marriage of two medias.

Roadside USA

Starting with existing photos of these whimsical establishments of the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s, we created HO and O scale gems out of cast polyurethane and hand painted them to the nines. Some were even light up. Some had actual signage. There were 177 structures in all. This is just a sampling.