To date there's been little innovation in the area of incontinence, medical and general household waste receptacles. Increased education and stricter regulations by State and Federal agencies (Patient Protection Act) has made the concern for the spread of infection & offensive bacterial odor a priority. The Stravitz inventions are comprised of a unique hands-free system with proprietary bags and are the only waste devices that effectively deal with offensive odor containment. Furthermore the unique liner-less bag system and its patented hands-free embodiments do an exceptional job of preventing offensive gaseous odor from escaping. They significantly minimize the odor-laden updraft of gaseous offensive matter that generally propel airborne odors into the room from ordinary waste receptacles every time lids are opened or closed. Applications include, for example, biohazard (red bag), medical adult incontinence (18 million sufferers in the USA), home healthcare, general household waste for adult sufferers requiring diapers and other non-woven incontinence products. Our patents have proven effective with babies (Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail), and now we are looking to move this into adult and medical sectors with even more innovation such as being hands-free, etc.

US Patents:  6612099, 6804930, 6851251, 7114314, 7146785, 7963414, 8127519, 8215089
, 8235237, 8266870, 8266871, 8393489  

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